ZAKKA Europe


Maashaven Z.z. 2


3081 AE





Zakka Europe is a sales agency representing international interior-, gift-, and lifestyle brands in Europe.

With a strong background, working for brands in lifestyle and retail, we have developed “nose” for well-designed products and brands that sell!

By working together with regional sales agents, we are never too far and always available.

Together with the brands we ensure that you will have the best service, price and conditions possible. We are at your service at all times and would be more than happy to make an appointment at any time convenient for you.


DCI Gift

For the past 20 years, Decor Craft Inc has been synonymous with fun, unique products. We take the ordinary and make it into something truly special, something that is both functional and stylish. As a result, our products have been seen in many stores, and truly stand out of each shelf they’re put on.